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_ B. Janetzky, 21/09/17
« I began my Jobtour 9 months ago and came here through a friend and colleague. Before I came to Jobtour medical I was at a point where I was becoming dissatisfied with my job and thinking about retraining or going off to study. Since I have been at Jobtour I feel I am where I belong. I feel free even in stressful situations and enjoy my work. I’m happy and proud once again to be a nurse. At Jobtour I have for the first time in my professional life the feeling of being a valuable employee and being taken seriously. Ms Rienth also helps with arising private issues in a way that only she can. Thank you for letting me be a part of this team! »
_ M. Heck, 06/06/16
« I’ve put my heart and soul into my Jobtour since 01.06. 2011. I got to know about the company through a colleague. Jobtour is a stable and reliable employer that exists not only bcause of its ideas but also because of its actions. It can boast many achievements yet can also absorb setbacks. It is capable of rediscovering itself and reaching everyone via the necessary communications. Keep it up! There is no better employer! »
_ M. Otzik, 06/06/16
« I joined Jobtour in 2012 through a friend with whom I did my training. Jobtour is a company and an employer that offers many opportunities and it cares a great deal for its employees, professionally and also regarding health and future issues. I am very happy here and look forward to continuing my Jobtour for quite some time to come. »
_ J. Ochsenreither, 06/06/16
« I would like to thank you for the exciting time I had at Jobtour. I was able to gather a great deal of experience which has strengthened me for the future. It was the finest period of my working life to date. I am most grateful for it.

I wish you and your colleagues all the very best! »
_ Serkan Özkaya, 09/02/16
« I am very happy with Jobtour! I can get in touch at any time and help is always at hand. Jobtour gives me security. I receive all the support I need and could wish for. I feel very comfortable working for this employer. »
_ Darya Troshkina, 09/02/16
« I am a registered nurse from the USA but have lived in Germany since 2012. It was extremely difficult for me to find a job that complied with my American training. By chance, I heard about Jobtour and introduced myself to Ms Rienth who made me feel extremely welcome. In 2015, Ms Rienth and her company offered me a job that instantly appealed to me. While working, I was given the chance to seek recognition for my American qualification in Germany. Ms Rienth also helped me complete a German course and due to her tremendous support I passed my German nursing exam. At long last I am now a qualified nurse according to German standards!

I have nothing but praise for Jobtour and will always continue to recommend the company.

I’m very grateful to Jobtour for giving me the opportunity to finally work again in my profession. »
_ Aikaterini Antonopoulou, 01/02/16
Medical prevention pays off!
« I’d like to take this opportunity to provide some feedback on our additional dental insurance. Recently, I had a very positive experience with the insurance partner that covers all of us at Jobtour free of charge. I had to undergo necessary dental work and the dentist’s bill came to around €3500. My standard health insurance would only cover a portion of this leaving me to pay around €2500. I forwarded this sum to our insurance.

Within a few days my account had been credited in full with the amount in question! Needless to say, a very positive experience with our company’s additional insurance. I can only recommend it! »
_ Joachim Merz, 10/04/15
« At Jobtour there’s always someone there for the employees. Here you are treated as a person not as a number and they always ensure that the staff are happy and content. You could say I’ve got an all-inclusive, no-worry package. Everything is organised to perfection. My wishes and concerns are taken seriously and are (ALWAYS :-)) implemented within the realms of possibility. »
_ K.Behn, 03/03/15
« I started working for Jobtour last year and I have never felt so good in my professional life. It’s as if the jobs are tailor-made for me. Staff well-being concerning health and pension matters are also top of the agenda here. Working here was the best decision of my life. »
_ Bärbel Laupichler, 01/03/15
« Jobtour Medical is the first company where I feel they treat me firstly as a person and then as an employee. I can feel the honesty and appreciation every time I make a personal visit. The work locations were selected as if they’d been specifically tailored to me. Ms Rienth cares for her employees in a very special way. Not only does she ensure that they earn above the general pay scale but that they will also be financially secure in old age. Coming across an employer like this is certainly not an everyday occurrence. »
_ Reinhard Hummel, 28/02/15
« I’m happy to be at Jobtour! The great advantage is: you can change your workplace at anytime without having to change your employer. Until now I have had two long placements which allowed me to get to know both the colleagues and the residents well. »
_ S. Thome, 20/02/15
« After 4 years, my enthusiasm is as strong as it ever was. Jobtour gives me what I need to make a living and I also receive a high level of appreciation from the Jobtour team. The level of status for a carer is not particularly high in everyday life but here I feel I’m taken seriously and understood. I’m particularly pleased to be a Jobtourer. »
_ M. Otzisk, 11/02/15
« I enjoy total flexibility. When I’m not happy with the assignment I am currently on, all I have to do is call and I can go somewhere else straight away. If you ask me how I am, things couldn’t be better! »
_ J. Schulteiß, 10/02/15
« I had a very pleasant stay in hospital thanks to the additional private insurance. Being treated by the senior consultant was a nice bonus and as a privately insured person the appointment allocation was not to be sneezed it! »
_ H. Wieland, 11/01/15
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