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You provide us with your staffing needs and we'll compile a number of offers and profiles of candidates for you that best suit your vacancies.

We will provide you with a specialist and qualification-based employee analysis.

In the long term, we will develop a team of employees based at your site that will recruit and develop your core workforce. They will also take care of the quality-conscious training of your new employees. 

Jobtour medical – that's personnel leasing, personnel counseling, strategic staff development and career promotion for your medical or social facilities.
From an occupationally-related medical perspective, our personnel are supported, supervised, trained and, if necessary, vaccinated in accordance with the required conditions and guidelines of the trade association.

It goes without saying that all personnel will be issued with suitable protective clothing.

Continued training and further education
ensures that the degree of knowledge held by all our employees is high and transparent. We work with a network of educational establishments, health insurers and trainers to continually upgrade the qualifications of our employees.
Jobtour medical is your first choice for medical personnel services – developing individual solutions through personnel leasing and recruitment.

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