Chancellor Merkel: Geriatric nurses have a harder job than me

Chancellor Merkel: "Geriatric nurses have a harder job than me."


Chancellor Merkel made a surprising confession to the BILD der FRAU magazine: "There are so many people who bear greater pressures than me," – for instance female geriatric nurses. Is Angela Merkel right? The BILD magazine did a comparison.

Berlin – From Thursday to Friday at the EU Summit in Brussels, Angela Merkel (58) managed once again only a few hours sleep. Cyprus, Syria, the euro – negotiations far into the night and continuing early the next morning.


"No," replied the Chancellor in an interview with BILD der FRAU (anniversary issue): "There are so many people who bear greater pressures than me ... when I see what male and female carers in old people's homes and hospitals do, working often for decades with people in emergency situations."

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